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Top Five Holiday Songs… Celebrity Style!

December 19, 2009

It’s that time of the year again. Pushing in the malls, holiday fireplace on TV, and non-stop Christmas music. I personally love this time of the year– the excitement, the rude people, and the music. From Silent Night to Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer celebrities have covered all these classics. And made up a few new ones too. I have my favorites, do you?

Number Five:
N’Sync- Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays

Gary Coleman, Justin’s curly hair, Chris Kirkpatrick’s ugly braids, oversized sweaters, green screen, and Lance Bass before he was out, it can only be N’Sync Christmas! This song is so happy, and they all look so young! I miss the early 2000’s for this reason. Justin was dating Britney, boy bands were huge, I was reading J-14 and YM Magazines and was an avid The Hit List on YTV watcher. Well, I guess that’s what YouTube is for, to bring back all the memories. And as a side note, how bored to those girls at the end look?

Number Four
Britney Spears: My Only Wish (This Year)

Released in 2000, this Christmas ditty is the only Xmas single by the pop star, according to Wikipedia. Super catchy and easy lyrics make you want to sing along to it, like all of Spears’ other songs.

Number Three
Christina Aguilera- Christmas Time

I love, love, love this song!! I remember when it was first released and I could only find snippets of it but I wanted the whole thing. It’s a holiday classic and just makes you happy, like how this time of the year should. And Xtina’s outfit is amazing in that video…. I’m kidding.

Number Two
Destiny’s Child- 8 Days of Christmas

Doesn’t it feel like Christmas? I still hear this song playing in stores, and it’s soo damn catchy! It’s a little dated now (“a gift certificate for my favorite cd’s”), but a classic nonetheless. I kind of miss Destiny’s Child, even though it was all about Beyonce anyways…

Number One
Mariah Carey- All I Want For Christmas Is You

The classic! Obviously this would be number one! The ultimate Christmas belter. I mean who doesn’t know the words to this one? And sang it at the top of their lungs when they thought no one was listening? It’s a legend, a classic, and one that can withstand the test of time. And a side note: that video kinda reminds me of Beyonce’s Single Ladies. Love it.