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Trashy Ads at Hooters…Irony?

December 8, 2009

At a recent visit to Hooters I had this weekend (don’t try the nachos), I noticed this ad in a stall in the women’s washroom. Now, I usually love reading the ads in the stalls, but this one definitely makes my top ten list of creepiest ads ever.

The ad features a comic character relieving herself saying “The stress of the perfect car is giving me indigestion” and then in the next frame a shadowy man is entering the women’s washroom, cracks open her stall and says “Hey if you need a car, let me do the grunt work call …….”. At the bottom it says, “Shopping for a car stressing you out? Visit and call ……..”

I’m glad the guy left his number because if I was that cartoon girl I would be calling the cops and tell them exactly where to go. This one makes the list with Rod Stewart look alike, Rod Peeler and his equally creepy real estate ad.