Beyonce gets Techsavvy and Gaga looks… normal?

Beyonce enters the world of the future and Lady Gaga looks… normal?  Is that possible?

In the video for the first collaboration between Gaga and Beyonce, Video Phone , Beyonce is the weirder looking one between the two. Honestly, I thought I would never see Lady Gaga out of her comfort zone. No crazy hair, no crazy outfits, no crazy anything. In fact, she looks and sounds just like Christina Aguilera, circa Diirty, era. Ironically, Aguilera was criticized last year for her 2008 VMA performance where she looked just like Gaga.

The thing is, Lady Gaga is known for her crazy, “avant-garde”, performances and videos. And although this video is for a Beyonce song, did Gaga just decide not to try? Don’t get me wrong, it’s refreshing to see her out of her norm and away from her personal brand, but c’mon Lady G, give us something fierce. Maybe she’ll do it for her single with Beyonce, Telephone, which would be ironic. Gaga singing about normal technology and Beyonce singing about high tech stuff. Yeah, it makes my brain hurt too.


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